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When installed and taken care of properly hardwood floors will last long for sure. There are different modes of installation for soild wood strips, engineered wood strips, and parquet. However, moisture check is essential with each mode of installation to make sure proper installation.

Installation can be a painstaking process but we take pride in leaving your home or business looking as beautiful as we found it. We have a team of expert technician who’ve gone through every situation are capable in 3 different kinds of hardwood flooring installation.

1. Staple Or Nail Down Installation

While performing this procedure we staple or nail down engineered or solid wood strips to your sub-flooring. Then the floor will be done by using random length stripes. A small number of strips then are placed down and arranged before fastening to make sure appropriate placement & tightness.

2. Glue Down Installation

While doing this procedure, our expert floor installers meticulously glue down parquet or engineered wood strips directly to your sub-floor. In these instances, the sub-floor is generally concrete, thus we pay additional care to dampness. Furthermore, with this installation procedure, it’s essential to take into account any kind of allergies and sensitivities to smell. To address this concern, we use an acrylic-based adhesive which is milder than some other options out there. With our experienced floor installers overseeing the process, you can confidently anticipate walking on the newly installed floor on the very next day of installation. Moreover, the convenience extends to your furniture – it can be moved in shortly after the installation, making the entire process efficient and hassle-free.

hardwood flooing
hard flooring installation

3. Floating Installation

With this procedure we fasten together the groove and tongue of each plank and the floor hovers over a foam-shielded padding. If your floor include a locking unit we can fasten the pieces jointly without adhesive. This may be employed with either engineered or laminate wood floor, but either way the floor is pre-finished. However, not every engineered floors can be floated. Floating installation can be also settled over sub-flooring of questionable quality different to the other two procedures.

Furthermore, floating floors can be an excellent choice if you’ve more than one layers of floor and don’t wish to take away them all. With floating installation the wear layer is important to consider as the thicker the layer the more times it can be refinished. Usually, laminate flooring offers an empty feeling underneath with this form of installation. Keep in mind that floating floors contract and expand as a system since the units are fused collectively. Allow for as much expansion area as possible.

hard flooring installation

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