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Every detail of your home reflects your personal taste, personality and style.
At Majestic Hardwood Floors, we stand ready with a full array of services and advice to help our customers achieve their unique design visions. We have a variety of stains available that can be used to enhance or even alter the natural color of wood floors, and we also provide bleaching services to lighten the wood’s color.

Custom Staining

The last 10 years has been a period where “natural” finishes were used extensively. Over time, most floors yellow with age, and have a “dated” appearance. Even though the floor and finish are in good condition, they just don’t match the rest of the décor. A stain will often provide an entirely new look, and stained floors tend to be more color-fast than natural floors


The time-consuming and skill-intensive staining process is critical to customer satisfaction. We offer almost any stain color available on the market today and have extensive experience in preparing custom-mixed stains and matching stains to existing wood.

Whenever possible, our service professionals will demonstrate stain samples on the actual flooring before the process begins, to give you an accurate impression of what the finished product will look like.

We apply our stains by hand and use machine buffing to ensure uniform coverage.

With glue-down installations, furniture can be moved in and floors can be walked on the next day.

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Bleaching is a process commonly used to lighten the color of hardwood floors.

Bleaching is also used prior to a treatment called “pickling,” which makes the floor very light in color, but still blond like the natural wood, rather than completely white. This technique is often used as a preparation for “antiquing” and other specialty design effects.

We don’t use this process. It’s an old technique and out of fashion now. We have better techniques for staining.

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Every detail of your home reflects your personal taste, personality and style

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