Wide Plank Flooring: A Charlotte, NC Must for Hardwood Installation

Nothing can compare with the beauty, warmth, and value that hardwood floors! There is a good reason why hardwood flooring is one of the most widely preferred flooring options on the market. It’s warm, classic feel and low maintenance makes it perfect for hundreds of thousands of homeowners. Fortunately, we have several hardwood flooring options available before your hardwood flooring needs. One of the excellent opportunities for your flooring project can be wide plank flooring. It is just as diverse as other hardwood options but looks unique, different, and all about enhancing the curb appeal of your home! We explain here a few benefits of using wide plank flooring in your home.

Variety of options

We supply wide plank hardwood flooring, which is more extensive than about 3 inches. It is incredibly pretty and available in a wide range of finishes, colors, compositions, and wood species.


Wide plank flooring is not only available in a wide variety of options and a wide range of prices as well. It is easy to find a comprehensive plank flooring option for almost any budget. It does not matter whether it is a small project and wants to splurge on the flooring, or you need to re-do the flooring in several rooms of your home? We can provide a quality comprehensive plank option that fits your design preferences and budgetary needs.

Wide Plank Flooring: A Charlotte, NC Must for Hardwood Installation

Fast installation

Since wide plank flooring is more extensive and therefore takes up more surface area than narrower alternatives. Hence its facility tends to take far less time as well. Wide plank hardwood is the ideal way to go if you have less time in your hand. The faster the installation, the sooner you can get to enjoy the new and attractive hardwood flooring!

Ultimate aesthetic

Nothing beats the classic charm and feel of wide plank hardwood flooring. Since wide plank flooring uses larger slices of wood, you get to see even more of the natural patterns in the wood grain. These elements add character to any room and make a matter that people discuss.


A solid hardwood floor is more comfortable to walk across. One of the ways you can tell something is wrong with your levels is when they start to feel unstable. Our hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, does the job most accurately. We also use best in class underlayment underneath the boards. It ensures your wide plank flooring will stable and won’t damage in case of the replacement process. It is why it’s essential to rely on our professional hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, and who knows what they’re doing and won’t try to rush the project.

Wide Plank Flooring

At Majestic Hardwood Floors, we provide top quality hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, NC, for both residential & commercial sites. We are a commitment to quality installation, and all our services are budget-friendly and transparent. It is why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top hardwood floor installation in Charlotte NC and nearby region. Do you ready to know more about your hardwood flooring installation projects? Contact us at 704-497-4424 or send us a message at John@majestichardwoodfloors.com

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