Cleaning And Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Finding a simple and effective method for cleaning your hardwood floors is a critical step in effective hardwood floor care. Keep in mind that you are not cleaning the wood when you clean your floor refinishing company Charlotte NC. You are removing the protective polyurethane finish that has been applied to the natural wood. This means that you must use caution when cleaning your floors to avoid damaging the top coat.

The Scoop on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

With so many cleaning products on the market today, choosing one that will clean your hardwood floors without damaging them can be difficult. For example, just because vinegar and water are effective in the bathroom does not imply that you should use them to clean your hardwood floors. Vinegar will dissolve the protective top coat, allowing water to seep into the wood and cause warping and swelling.

Fortunately, there are excellent products on the market designed specifically for cleaning hardwoods. Good Housekeeping tested several cleaners and published a list of the best. Flowers Flooring loves the top product on their list, a Bona cleaning spray. Shaw’s kid and pet-friendly hard surface cleaner is also recommended. If you have new hardwood floors, look into any warranty restrictions. Using an unauthorized cleaner may void your warranty.

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How To Clean Hardwood Floors Step-by-Step

  1. Dust Daily

This is one of the most underappreciated and straightforward steps in the process. Dust the floor once a day to keep dust and dirt at bay. This will protect your flooring restoration Charlotte NC from scratches and extend its beauty and life. Dust mopping on a daily basis will significantly reduce allergens in the home. A microfiber material, which is more effective than traditional methods, uses a static charge to attract more dust and allergens. These smaller fibers reach deeper into floor pores to more effectively lift dirt.

  1. Clean Weekly

Debris accumulates on hardwood floors over time. As a result, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. However, there is a correct and incorrect way to clean floors. It’s best to use a cleaner designed specifically for your floor’s finish. Too much liquid can cause floor damage, and the wrong formula may not work. To clean effectively while keeping your home and the environment safe, look for pH-neutral, nontoxic, and biodegradable formulas. Even when diluted with water, vinegar, for example, can eat away at the finish. To remove bacteria and keep waste out of landfills, use a washable microfiber pad.

Sweeping is not the best way to clean hardwood floors because it spreads dust all over the floor and into the air.

  1. Refinishing

Hardwood Finished Flooring Charlotte NC returns the wood to its original luster and appearance. The thickness and age of the floor play a role in refinishing. Refinishing hardwoods that are only 1/4-inch thick may cause more harm than good by removing the entire floor. In general, refinishing should be done once every seven to ten years.

  1. Polish Quarterly

Polishing your hardwood floors adds shine and extends their life. Before polishing, sweep or dust the floor to remove any loose debris. You should also vacuum afterward to ensure that all dirt and dust is removed. Every two to three months, use water-based polishes to restore luster and shine. These polishes will not leave a residue or emit harmful toxins, but they will keep your floor from being overly cleaned and stripped. Urethane-based polishes have quick dry times, no waxy buildup, and a protective wear layer to fill in micro-scratches and even out the look of the floor.

Show Your Hardwood Floors Some Love

Hardwoods are long-lasting and never go out of style. If you maintain your floors properly, they will last for decades. Following these tips for cleaning and caring for your hardwood floors will help maintain the beauty and appearance of your floors.

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