Benefits of Floor Refinishing in Charlotte NC 

Before you begin the process of refinishing your floors, you should take care of a few things. First, make sure to remove any wall hangings or curtains that are in the room. Also, floor refinishing in Charlotte NC covering any doorways and windows with plastic tarps to prevent dust from settling everywhere.

1. Adding Value to Your Home

Floor refinishing is a great way to add resale value to your home. Wood floors are extremely appealing and attract potential buyers. Before you put your home on the market, refinishing wood floors is a great idea. Having freshly redone floors will make a big impact on buyers’ minds.

New wood floors are the number one renovation that real estate agents recommend to their clients. The appeal of these floors is undeniable, and buyers are expecting them. In fact, the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report lists new wood flooring as the number one home improvement. Realtors estimate that new wood floors bring a 106% return on investment.

Floor refinishing Charlotte NC is an excellent way to breathe new life into your wood floors. Wood floors can become worn out and scratched with heavy foot traffic. Furniture can damage hardwood floors, as well, because it digs into the grain. Also, moisture can damage wood floors. Fortunately, Flooring Installation Charlotte NC can restore them to their former glory.

2. Protecting It from Invasive Pests

There are several different types of pests that can destroy the structure of your floor, but invasive pests are the most destructive. Formosan termites, for example, live in soil beneath homes and can cause significant damage. They build nests inside trees and wooden objects, and they can also make their way into walls and floors. Fortunately, they can be controlled with sound management practices and by monitoring for signs of EAB infestation.

Hardwood floors are especially vulnerable to damage due to foot traffic and furniture. Shoes can cause surface scratches, and furniture can penetrate deeper into the grain of the wood. Moisture can also damage your floors. Fortunately, refinishing them is an easy way to protect your floors and keep out unwanted pests.

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3. Cost Savings

Refinishing a hardwood floor can save you hundreds of dollars. This can be done on your own if you know how to do it. However, sanding mistakes can be costly. You may have to spend up to two times as much to replace the floor if you make mistakes with the finishing.

The cost of refinishing a hardwood floor depends on the size of the room. For example, a 10×10-foot bedroom would cost $300-500. However, a 16-foot-by-16-foot living room will cost between $1,300 and $2,900. This will also depend on the amount of prep work and sanding required.

If you need to have several rooms refinished, look into refinishing services that can do it in a single visit. This way, you can save money on multiple projects at the same time.

4. Easy to Clean

When considering floor installation charlotte nc, you have a number of choices. For example, you can choose to stain the wood, which will add a rich, natural look to the floor. There are several different stain formulations, including water-based and oil-based ones. Water-based stains sit on top of the wood and work more like paint. They dry quickly and are brighter in color.

Before refinishing, it’s important to prepare the floor for the process. Make sure you move any furniture out of the way, protect windows, and gather the right sections of flooring. Also, be sure to contact a Charlotte hardwood refinishing specialist. They have years of experience and know the best practices for restoring hardwood floors.

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